05/12/2012: Lani Diane Rich & Alistair Stephens: Writing Men for Women

A good man is hard to find, in fiction as in reality, and they’re even harder to write. In this seminar, Lani Diane Rich and Alastair Stephens will take you through the basics of building strong characters, and then explore what makes an interesting and compelling male character. From Aristotle to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this is your guide to writing heroes who are worthy of your heroines.

Speaker: Lani Diane Rich (aka Lucy March)

I’m Lani, and I’m a writer, a teacher, and a mom. I live in Southern Ohio with my best friend, my daughters, two cats and five dogs, and my husband. My favorite color is yellow, and I have a thing for polka dots that borders on the ridiculous. Want to learn more? Really? Wow. You are thorough. I always liked that about you.

I wrote my first book, Time Off For Good Behavior during NaNoWriMo, and was the first previously-unpublished author to publish a NaNoWriMo manuscript. It’s a very specific niche, but it’s all mine. Time Off For Good Behavior won the Rita Award for Best First Book, and I went on to publish another seven solo novels, and one collaboration. So, apparently, it wasn’t a fluke. I find that comforting.

When I’m not writing words on paper, I’m speaking them into microphones. From 2007 to 2010, I hosted the Will Write For Wine podcast with CJ Barry; since 2010, I’ve hosted Popcorn Dialogues with Jenny Crusie, and the StoryWonk Daily podcast with Alastair Stephens, who happens to be my husband. Which is good, because I often record the show in my pyjamas.

Now, I’m writing magical romance novels as Lucy March. I’m still Lani on the inside; it’s a publishing thing. If you’d like to learn more, check out the other me, or the site of the town of the book, Nodaway Falls.


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